4 responses to “Garden Project: Starting a Vegetable Garden”

  1. franz

    hey! I’ve started growing my own garden also. Started this may. I have mostly peppers and tomatoes. It’s great to see other people starting to do this. I’m also a member in pinoyexchange of a group of people that started a vegetable garden. folks at pex do seed swaps regularly. I’ve gotten a good deal of seeds from folks from there. I’ve also given away a good amount of exotic seeds I’ve gotten from seed swaps on the interenet also. Good luck with your grow!

  2. Daniel Genaro

    Hi! I just want to ask how your garden is doing. Did you have a good arugula harvest? Thanks.

  3. Corrine

    Hi! I’m also into vegetable gardening. Problem with my compost is that during the summer season, it’s too hot and there are no earthworms in sight. I find arugula quite hard to grow. I have seedlings but I am not sure they will grow big. Seems like they melt from the heat. Should they be planted in 50% shade? You can grow spinach? Does it like much water? Thanks!

  4. Earl

    Hi Franz, is this pinoyexchange group still active? Where can I find you guys?

    Thanks for the info. I hope I’ll be able to push through with my plans of putting up my own organic veggie garden. :)

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