Passive Income for Online Freelancers

I recently wrote an article on passive income for online freelancers over at Web Worker Daily entitled “Passive Income for Web Workers: Is it Realistic?”. Here’s an excerpt:

Here’s an example: a client emailed me recently that an e-book I wrote for him gave him an 800% return of investment. Whatever it was that he paid me, he made 8 times more than that – which is a big deal, because I don’t think I was underselling myself! Of course, he was happy and grateful, but this got me thinking…

What if I wrote and sold that e-book myself? Would I have made as much money? Of course, there are other things to consider apart from simply writing the e-book – I’d have to market it, set up a website, etc. There’s a lot of initial work. But if I had the time or money to invest in something like this, it should be worth considering.

Click here to read the rest of the article, if you’re interested.

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